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I was in Sterns County 17 from 2011-2015.  It was the probably the most fun I have ever had playing music.  Steve Prosser, leader and main songwriter, was and always will be Sterns County 17.  I was fortunate enough to be part of his ride for awhile.

I also got to work with two amazing musicians, Brenda Lee King and Corey Lessard.  Brenda’s bass playing was a guitarist’s dream: in the pocket, driving the groove, and amazing tone.  If you have worked with her, consider yourself privileged.  I do.  Corey would always surprise me every night with a little lick or fill on the drum, which always sounded HUGE in my IEMs.

Below are videos and music you can stream or buy.


I Believe, Live from Webers Deck (2014)

Vigilante Justice, NYE (2012)

Some covers…….

Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Me @ Toby Keith’s in Minneapolis, MN (2013)

Small Town Saturday Night

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